The Union has requested that the Company start booking the 2010 vacation scheduling as per the current CLA Article 13-LU-#1. 1. The normal vacation scheduling period will be the two (2) months prior to the start of the calendar year (November 1st). The following are a number of questions and answers, which frequently come up as per vacation scheduling. Question #1 – When is preferred period for scheduling vacation? Answer – The preferred period commences with the summer closing of elementary schools and extends for as many weeks as is required to schedule three (3) consecutive twenty-one (21) day vacation blocks for shift workers. Question #2 – If an employee is given an opportunity to take a three-week block off in preferred period do they have to take all three weeks? Answer – No, you may choose to take either one, two or three weeks within the block available to you. Question #3 – How does an hourly paid employee get a vacation credit? Answer – If an employee does not have an opportunity of selecting up to a maximum of twenty-one (21) consecutive days of their vacation during the preferred vacation period, then that employee will be given a credit for the following year. Question #4 – If you have a credit from the previous year, can you use that credit to claim time outside preferred period? Answer – No, the credit only entitles an employee to select up to a maximum of twenty-one (21) consecutive days of their vacation during the preferred vacation period only. Question #5 – Is a junior employee with two weeks vacation entitlement eligible to get a credit? Answer – Yes, an employee with one (1) or more years of continuous service as on 31 December of the previous year is eligible to accumulate vacation credits. Question #6 – What happens if an employee with a vacation credit if offered a twenty-one (21) day block in preferred period and they refuse because they want to book their vacation entitlement outside preferred period? Answer – Once they refuse, they lose their credit and are then placed back onto the list in order of their Company seniority. They will then, at a later date, be offered a first choice when their turn comes up in order of Company seniority. Question #7 – Can an employee use this year’s vacation to take off a week at Christmas? (2009) Answer – Yes, providing the time and pay are available from their 2009 vacation entitlement. Question #8 – Can an employee use 2010 vacation entitlement to book off a week at Christmas? (2009) Answer – Yes, providing the time is available. It is also important to note that this situation would be considered your first choice in regards to vacation scheduling for 2010. Question #9 – Can an hourly paid employee as their first choice book vacation time for the last three (3) weeks in preferred period and the first two weeks right after preferred period in one block? (This covers at the start of preferred period as well.) Answer – All the hourly paid employees with credits must first be offered their vacation in preferred period before anyone can combine weeks in preferred period and weeks outside preferred period into one (1) block or choice. Question #10 – When do you receive vacation pay? Answer – Vacation pay will be paid to an employee on the regular payroll dates. In the event an employee wishes to receive a vacation pay advance for scheduled vacation, then vacation pay shall be given to an employee at least seven (7) calendar days before they complete their last regular shift preceding their scheduled vacation, provided they have made such request in writing fourteen (14) days prior to the first scheduled day of vacation. Question #11 – Do Temporary Employees schedule their vacations with the crew to which they are currently assigned? Answer – No, Temporary Employee vacations will be scheduled through their Manpower coordinator. *Note: For 2009 the payroll year ends December 27th. (For full details refer to current CLA – Article 13 – Vacations with pay 13-LU-#1 Vacation Scheduling, 13-LU-#2 Canceling of Vacation booked in the preferred period. Issued by CAW Local 2301 October 29th, 2009