The Union President had discussions with the Line 7 & 8 focus group which consisted of Mike Szmata, Cliff Cudmore, Allan Johnston, Shane Woods, Kevin Anderson and crews requesting that one rep step forward to work with the Union Transition committee. The Line 7 & 8 rep selected by the area is Shane Woods. The Union would like to thank the focus group for all the good work they achieved for our members in Lines 7 & 8. The Transition committee met with the Company on Tuesday, August 10th to lay out a framework on how the Union believed our members should be moved in accordance with the CLA. At this meeting the Company requested that the Union consider putting a freeze on the Transfer Board and Job Postings. The committee could not agree to the Company request and told the Company that their request would have to go in front of the Union Executive for a response. The committee also requested that the Company respond as to what Articles the Company would be using to move our members once the Line 7 & 8 process was finished. The Company responded that it would use Articles – 9, 10 and 17. We questioned the Company about the Transition Letters in the CLA and the Company referred back to Articles 9, 10 and 17. An emergency meeting with the Transition committee and the Union Executive was held at 7:00 a.m. Wednesday morning August 11th, 2010. The Union Executive gave the Transition committee a clear message and position to bring back to the Company. The Union’s position was: 1. No, the Company cannot freeze the Transfer/Job Posting Board. 2. The Company has to work within the CLA utilizing all of the CLA including the Transition Letter language if it applies. Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. the Transition committee met with the Company. The committee gave the Union’s position that the Transfer Board would not be frozen and if the Company could not agree to utilize the Transition Letters language then the committee would dissolve and the Union would then proceed with the Line 7 & 8 shutdown discussions using a Union committee that would consist of the Union Executive table officers. The Company caucused. The Company came back to the Union and has agreed to work within the CLA including the Transition Letters. The Transition Letter 24-LU#2 includes the flexibility to temporarily assign displaced workers for time periods greater than those listed in Article 10. The Committee has a tough job ahead of them but feels it will come to a good resolve. The committee’s focus is now to immediately start a process that will place all of our Lines 7 & 8 members prior to Line 8 being shut down. Issued by CAW Local 2301 August 12th, 2010