Contracting Out pressure from the Company strengthens motion to make strike issue in 2012. The Company is attacking the Concrete Crew by telling our members they have to allow contractors to observe them while working so the contractors can take our jobs. The Union said NO! Thanks to the Skilled Trades Committee and the Job Evaluation Committee the Company has reconsidered. The Concrete Crew should never have been put in this situation. Thanks to the crew for standing together.

Through job evaluation our members do train our own members not contractors. Contractors have Company Project Managers who are responsible for pre-shift meetings, safety meetings. If a contractor can’t do the job then the job should never have been awarded to them. The Company doesn’t want our members watching contractors, well the Union doesn’t want contractors watching our members because of stress, feeling harassed, losing our jobs or work.

Safety is a top priority. With the recent slips and falls the Company wants the contractors to make our work areas safe. Whatever happened to our own negotiated Health & Safety Article 20 of the current CLA? The Company has taken snow clearing away from Mobile Equipment and the Wharf. Our members get injured becomes a health and safety issue and the Company still doesn’t do immediate investigation and use Union members in corrective actions.

Drug & Alcohol Policy the Company forced on the membership. Thanks to the Union challenging the Company policy through expedited arbitration. The Union has once again proved the Company wrong. Our members do have rights, especially when it comes to personal health issues. The Grievance Committee is looking at the award and will deal with outstanding issues.

Kemano – The Company has gutted the Kemano Camp Association Policy that was developed by the Union and Company when the town of Kemano closed. The Company is now looking at Kemano shifts, boat travel times, new unilateral Company Camp Policy which reflects possible discipline if the policy is not followed. The Union hasn’t agreed to anything the Company has brought forward.

When the Company approached a Union Shop Steward in Kemano with this information the Shop Steward did the right thing and directed the Company to the Union Bargaining Agent. Remember all Union Reps have the right to tell the Company to go talk to the Executive or President. We will take the issues on through proper channels such as Labour Relations meetings or the Grievance Procedure.

LEAN – The Company continues to cross the line with this Company program. The Union is opposed to what the Company is doing with LEAN. Safety needs to stay separate as per the CLA Article 20.

The Company has caused a lot of stress in the Garage and now is causing a lot of stress in Crane Maintenance with their LEAN program. The Company has gone as far in the area to tell our members that the Company and Union can’t come to an agreement and therefore are moving ahead. The Company hasn’t resolved or told the Union anything about this at our monthly Labour Relations meetings. Gangleaders in Crane Maintenance were given a list of duties from the area general supervisor and management. The President of CAW Local 2301 has told this management group that they are totally violating the CLA. Page 156 is clear on the duties of Gangleaders (b) (e) states: “other duties as may be jointly agreed upon by the Company and Union.”

The Company Human Resources Manager has been made aware of what management is doing in areas that are a direct violation of the CLA and have requested face to face meetings to discuss Gangleaders, Contracting Out issues, LEAN, etc. The Human Resources Manager has agreed to set a meeting with the Union leadership.

The last thing on LEAN is the Company said they’re going to implement a place on the Company LEAN board to put everyone’s job (work ticket) for everyone to see. The President disagrees with this as all it is doing is singling out members and causing stress. The Union disagrees with the Company. The members are required to attend LEAN. We should do the same as our Brothers and Sisters in Quebec – attend meetings in body only.

The Executive has started discussions with the Unions in Quebec. USWA Local 9490 at Alma and the National Union in Arvida CAW. The Company is causing lots of problems with Contracting Out and LEAN, just to mention a few. The National is concerned with the Company selling off its smelters while keeping hydroelectric plants in Quebec and British Columbia. The Company in Quebec is starting negotiations at Alma with the USWA. The Company is also in discussions to reopen contract Collective Agreements which don’t expire until 2015.

The Union Executive is being kept very busy along with the Union Reps in Kitimat and Kemano.

Members should start attending membership meetings on a regular basis to share what’s happening in their work areas with the rest of the Union. Solidarity is what makes us strong!


February 17th – 7 p.m. – Shop Stewards Council Meeting

March 2nd – 7 p.m. – All Committees Night

March 17th – 7 p.m. – OHS&E Council Meeting

March 24th – 7 p.m. – Membership Meeting

April 6th – 7 p.m. – All Committees Night

April 19th – 7 p.m. – Skilled Trades Council Meeting

April 21st – 7 p.m. – Shop Stewards Council Meeting

Issued by CAW Local 2301 February 15th, 2011