Union does not condone or sanction an overtime ban

On Monday, March 16, 2009 the Company announced the implementation of the re-organization of Lines 1 - 8 with or without the endorsement of the Focus Groups or the Union.

The Focus Groups and the Company discontinued talking Thursday, March 12, 2009 with the Company saying they are implementing their own agenda. Your Union is well aware that our members are not happy with the Company’s agenda and the fact that they are rolling it out Monday without the endorsement from the Union or its Focus Groups.

At this time the members individually have taken it upon themselves to refuse to work overtime. The Union has been made aware that the members have not been working overtime for their own personal reasons.

The Union does not condone or sanction an overtime ban.

“The law is clear that an overtime ban is illegal and contrary to Article 2.01 of the Collective Agreement.

The Union therefore, instructs its members:

  1. To continue working according to the normal practice and procedures of the Company and;
  2. Not to engage in any cessation of work, refusal to work or to continue to work, or a slowdown, or any other concerted activity that is designated to or does restrict or limit the Company’s production or services including but not limited to the observation of an overtime ban.”

The WCB will be coming in this week to do tours from Lines 1-8 addressing our members concerns. We ask our members to be patient and your Union will keep you informed of the outcome of the WCB investigations.