The Union and Company met and started discussions on the potential of starting full capacity from Lines 1C to 5B and also to try and keep Line 7 & 8 operating. The Union’s position is simply that the Company should just hire full time positions. However, the Union is also prepared to discuss alternatives. The Executive will continue to meet with the Company in an effort to make an informed decision which we believe would be beneficial to our membership as a whole. This decision would also have an effect on the communities we all choose to live in. Potential job opportunities and membership is key to CAW Local 2301. On Tuesday afternoon the Company rolled out the Company “Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy” to the full Executive, EFAP Committee and Union Grievance Committee. This is not an agreed to policy by the Union. The Union will challenge the Company if any of our members are not treated as per the CLA, Article 39 – Employee and Family Assistance Program. The Union is also aware of the Canadian Human Rights Commission Policy on Alcohol and Drug Testing. The Commission supports the use of methods other than drug and alcohol testing for dealing with employee impairment, such as awareness, education, rehabilitation and effective interventions. The Union also believes Article 20 – Safety, Health and Environment allows Union OHS&E Reps the ability, along with front line supervisors, to refer both hourly and staff employees to the EFAP Program. The Union will continue discussions with the Company and keep the membership informed. The next Membership Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 27th, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the CAW Local 2301 Union hall. Feel free to attend and bring a member as a friend. In Solidarity – CAW Local 2301 Executive Issued on: May 13th, 2010