SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING Please Note Revised Date Thursday, February 25th @ 7pm At the Union Hall It should be no surprise to the membership that with the recent closure of Kitimat’s second largest employer, Eurocan, that the District of Kitimat will be faced with a corporate tax revenue shortfall of approximately $4.7 million beginning in 2011. City Council is currently reviewing many options with regards to services in our community in preparation for this year’s municipal budget, but also in anticipation of a drastic cut in revenue next year. To this end, City Council will be considering reducing or eliminating some of the services, such as emergency response and recreation, which we have come to appreciate and enjoy as residents of Kitimat over the years. Various community groups and representatives have already presented to Council their respective positions as to where, and by how much, cuts to our community services should be made. The leadership of your Union is often asked, “What is the Union’s position on this matter?” However, it is the responsibility of the leadership of the Union to take its direction from the membership. In order to formulate a position, the voices of the membership need to be heard, but there needs to be a point of reference. As a result, the Union Executive is calling a special meeting to hear from the membership its views on the upcoming municipal budget, and the real possibility of there being cuts to our community services, by discussing the following motion: “That the Executive of CAW 2301 recommend to the membership that the Union supports an increase in property taxes, proportionate to the shortfall in corporate tax revenue as a result of the Eurocan closure, to ensure that all community services and programs in Kitimat are maintained at their current level.” It is important that your Union not remain silent during these challenging times facing our community. Please make every effort to attend this meeting and have your input as to the Union’s position in facing these challenges. Your Union is a democratic organization – be a part of it! Issued By: CAW Local 2301 Executive February 19th, 2010