Brothers and Sisters:

Over the last couple of years the Company has been rolling out a Company initiative – LEAN – which does not respect our Joint OHS&E Program or our members.

The Union, at the KKOHS&E Committee, raised the issue that there is no joint agreement on LEAN meetings nor have we agreed to replace pre-start meetings with LEAN meetings.

In 2003, while developing the Joint OHS&E Program, the Company and Union agreed to have “pre-start meetings” as part of the Joint Program. You can find that requirement under Section 6 of the Joint OHS&E Program in Integrum. What you won’t see in the Joint OHS&E Safety Program is any mention of LEAN meetings or that the LEAN meetings can or could replace your pre-start meetings.

Pre-start meetings are important and are meant to set a positive safety tone for the day; LEAN meetings have had the reverse effect, i.e. a negative tone on the mindset of the membership.


LEAN is about:
  • Speeding you up
  • The “wall of shame” (putting names on the board and tracking work performance)
  • Disrespect to our members by forcing them to stand
  • Skirting the Joint Program when tracking corrective actions, initiating investigations and etc. on CCC strips, KPI’s and etc.
  • Pitting member against member through peer pressure (power & control)
  • Money

  • Pre-Starts are about:
  • “No task is so urgent or so important that you can’t take the time to do it safely”
  • “Workers deserve respect”
  • Corrective actions being entered into the “corrective action data base”
  • Health and safety issues going through the Joint Health and Safety Program
  • A harassment-free workplace
  • Keeping your “mind on task”
  • Setting a positive SAFETY tone for the day

  • The OHS&E Council Executive and Chief OHS&E Representatives have informed the Company via the last KKOHS&E Committee that as OHS&E Reps we will support and participate with pre start-meetings or an agreed upon pre-start format separate from LEAN meetings.

    If the areas are having LEAN meetings or a blend of the two in place of the pre-start meetings as OHS&E Reps we will neither support nor participate in these LEAN meetings as OHS&E Reps. LEAN meetings do not meet the requirement of a pre-start in the Joint OHS&E Program.

    TAKE 5 Agreement

    Over the last six months there have been a lot of complaints about the Take 5 book. And what is the agreement?

    When the Take 5 was first introduced in July of 2009 the Union had concerns on how the book would be used. When the item was tabled at the KKOHS&E committee the Union agreed to put it into the Joint Health and Safety Program on three conditions:

    No quotas on the number of Take 5’s to be completed. No discipline for doing or not doing Take 5’s. No one to look at a members’ Take 5 booklet without the OHS&E Rep present.

    The Union noticed in the fall of 2010 some areas of the plant were not following the three conditions laid out in the 2009 agreement.

    The issue was tabled at KKOHS&E committee that the Company and the KKOHS&E needed to reaffirm our Joint Agreement on how the book is to be used.

    The Company agreed to reaffirm the agreement of the three conditions but wanted us to encourage more people to use it. The Union has agreed to refresher training, to be rolled out at safety meetings and to look at a different style of book or card that would be simpler to use.

    Issued by OHS&E Council

    May 20th, 2011