Potroom Re-Org Update

Late Wednesday April 2nd in the afternoon the Company called a meeting with the Union to inform us that over the weekend they were going to start the process of talking to employees about temporarily assigning people to positions within the new organizational structure.

These are temporary assignments as per Article 10 of the Collective Agreement and not permanent placements.

The following information was also conveyed to the Union:
Prior to implementation of the reorganization, Lines 1 & 2 transition work will be started with regard to rack raising schedules and a stud-pulling patterns.

The Company’s plans for implementation in Lines 3-8 is to take place on Monday April 13th.

The Company has stated that it plans to talk with all potentially affected employees starting within the next 48 hours.

Through this process the Company has agreed that seniority will be respected.

The Company has committed to communicate with the Union to continue to meet in regard to permanent placements.