Notice of Motion to Post


Notice of Motion to Post

Support for Sensible BC Referendum

The following motion to post was passed at the Membership meeting held on Thursday, September 26th at the Union hall:

“Whereas Unifor 2301 is a socially conscience and a socially active union and

Whereas Sensible BC is trying to change the laws on how people are treated when in possession of cannabis and use through referendum and

Whereas Unifor 2301 membership in BC feel laws need to change around cannabis use and regulations

Let it be resolved through this motion Unifor 2301 publicly support Sensible BC’s initiative and to actively participate as a canvasser through the hall to collect names to bring this social issue to a vote within the province of British Columbia through a referendum.”

It is important to note that Unifor Local 2301 does not condone illegal drug use.

What the Union is supporting with this motion is the right of the people of BC to hold a referendum on this social issue, and to determine the outcome democratically with a vote.

This motion will be voted on at the Membership Meeting to be held at the Union Hall on:

Thursday November 28, 2013

Issued by Unifor Local 2301

November 14, 2013