Notice of Motion to Post


Notice of Motion to Post

As everyone knows, we are in tough times. The company’s reactions in Safety, which now equal our members being disciplined, the company not following the Joint Health & Safety Program that was jointly agreed to and now staff doing hourly paid work in Lines 3-5 without exhausting all other avenues must be defended vigorously!

The company is doing whatever it wants and in most cases we are in the position of “work now, grieve later”. Let us be very clear, we are not rolling over, the piper will be paid!

At the last Executive Meeting on August 28, 2013 a motion was passed and we are looking for membership support.

The Motion reads as follows:

“Whereas; Rio Tinto Alcan has not been acting in a harmonious manner towards the membership or the leadership of CAW 2301,

And whereas, Rio Tinto Alcan has not been resolving grievances through the grievance procedure,

And whereas, discipline has become the common response by management towards the membership,

And whereas, it is the responsibility of CAW 2301 to defend against attacks against the integrity of the Union and its membership,

And whereas, to properly defend such attacks through Arbitration and other legal proceedings

Let it be resolved through this motion:

That we the membership of CAW 2301 wish to increase our union dues by 1 hour per month, for one year, to be used exclusively for the purpose of hiring legal professionals to represent the membership in arbitration cases and other legal proceedings.”

Brothers and Sisters make no mistake we are being attacked and fighting back DOES make a difference!

This motion will be voted on at the next Membership Meeting to be held at the Union Hall on:

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

at 7:00 p.m.

Issued by CAW 2301

August 30, 2013