Since our last bulletin a number of things have taken place. First of all the Union demands were presented to the Executive, the Steering Committee and the Membership. All meetings were very well attended and the demands as presented were endorsed unanimously. This is a normal step in the process giving the membership one additional opportunity to comment and make suggestions before the demands are exchanged.

During the course of these meetings, there were two additional motions endorsed. The first dealt with directing the Union to develop and carry out a mass media campaign aimed at informing the members and public about the direction Rio Tinto is heading with the new modernized smelter and how they are not being consistent with the terms of our 2007 negotiated agreement.

The second motion endorsed by the membership was directing our committee to deal with our contracting out issues as part of the overall "job security" demands.

At the end of last week we finished the Housekeeping package with early indications being that petty issues are being made more significant than need be by the Company.

On Monday, May 14th we exchanged demands with the Company and then on Wednesday, May 16th we had the opportunity to clarify the information. The next step in the process is to package all the non-monetary demands (package 2) and monetary demands (package 3) in preparation for face-to-face meetings starting on June 4th.

The Committee would like to thank the membership for attending in large numbers and taking an active part in the process. We appreciate your support and input. Reaching a successful completion to this set of negotiations will require strong solidarity amongst the membership and our communities.

Negotiations Committee

Issued by CAW Local 2301

May 17, 2012