Since the last negotiations bulletin, our Committee has physically moved up to the Haisla Court apartments where we have our caucus room and where face to face negotiations will take place. We are working full-time Monday to Friday researching and developing our demands as well as planning our strategy for the months to come.

Leading up to this point we have met with all the union committee representatives, the Kemano representative and the retirees representatives to discuss the problems they’ve faced as well as areas for improvement. We attended a recent retiree social to update the group and listen to concerns raised beyond what we learned from their questionnaires. The membership questionnaires have been received and we’ve got a good idea how your feedback will translate into demands at the negotiations table.

On some of the more detailed demands, we are having ongoing discussions with the CAW National experts who are assisting us with direction and language along with the research we’ve requested from them. The committee has completed our review of the existing collective agreement and from that we’ve identified issues we plan to move ahead with as demands.

Looking ahead, we have scheduled a steering committee meeting for Tuesday May 1st and a Membership Meeting(s) for Thursday May 3rd. The purpose of these meetings will be to present a general overview of the demands we’ve put together, ask for feedback, and endorsement.

In terms of our time-line for negotiations, we will be exchanging proposals on the CLA letters with the company on May 7th and then exchanging demands on the main body of the CLA on May 14, monetary demands will follow at a later date. Actual face-to-face negotiations are scheduled to start on June 4th with our expiry date being July 23rd at midnight.

As you can see there is a lot of work to do in a short period of time. We urge all members to stay informed as we move forward. Take the time to read all information bulletins and if you’ve got any questions please contact the Union Hall for assistance at 632-4611.

CAW Local 2301

Negotiations Committee