LINE 7 & 8 POTS AND WORK ASSIGNMENTS The Company approached the President and Business Agent April 20th, 2010 with a Company presentation. We listened and understood but did not agree with the Company. On April 22nd, 2010 Company representatives come back with another revised presentation at which time the Union still never agreed to but understood. The Union knew the proposal the Company had put together was no good because it was the Company acknowledging that the Union hall would be receiving complaints. We did receive complaints from Lines 7 & 8. The President did go in to Lines 7 & 8 last Monday & Tuesday (April 26th & 27th) to talk with the members and find out their issues and safety concerns. The safety concerns did escalate and there were two safety work refusals this past weekend. The President went into Lines 7 & 8 this morning and attended the crew pre-shift. Brothers Mike Schmidt, Jim Peers, Geoff Watt, along with the President met with the Company Management Team, Industrial Hygienist and Plant Safety Manager this morning at 8:00 a.m. Through an emergency meeting it was agreed that a WSBC Officer will be called in to have a meeting with both the Union and Company on exposure limits, workloads, etc. in regards to health and safety. The President also put the Company on notice at this meeting this morning that he will be contacting WSBC about what is happening in the potrooms, the impact on the environment and Kitimat Works as a whole. I did contact the WorkSafe BC officer and he has agreed for himself as well as the WSBC officer for hygiene to meet with the President and Business Agent. This meeting should take place within the next week or two. As President, I just want to take a moment to thank the Union Safety Reps for taking immediate action this past weekend. I also want the members to know I understand the terrible working conditions and exposures you are faced with each day. I realize there is a lot of frustration out there. Leave that frustration with the Company. If you’re not sure of what to do ask your supervisor. If the supervisor responds, “Just figure it out,” that is totally irresponsible, as the onus is on the supervisor and the Company for creating such an unsafe work environment. The Union will keep the members informed. Issued by CAW Local 2301 May 3rd, 2010