Over the past week the Union Focus group, composed of two Union Executive Officers and one crew representative per shift per area have been meeting with the Company.

Initially the complete group met and was shown the overall proposed plan from 1 to 8.
Over the past few days’ smaller groups specific to each area (i.e. 1&2, 3 to 5, 7&8) have met with the Company to focus on area issues.

To date, the Company has not justified their proposed change in any of the areas. The Union groups have raised numerous questions, which very quickly identified flaws in the Company’s rationale. In addition to this the Union has requested all the data the Company referred to in developing their new organization. To be honest, our Union reps don’t believe the Company’s rationale and wish to do our own analysis. There are too many things either unexplained or duties not accounted for in the Company’s plan.

It’s supposed to be an open and transparent process and any change has to make sense and be based on manpower needs, workload requirement and access to negotiated rights (i.e. vacation, earned leave, transfer etc.). It begs the question “Is the Company willing to correct the manpower shortage in this plant or are they just pushing their own agenda at any cost?”

There is no good reason to change to a new structure that puts our Union Brothers and Sisters health, safety and well-being at risk. That being said, it doesn’t matter what the market conditions are when dealing with reorganization.
The Union focus group has some concerns as to how serious the Company is in addressing the Union issues.

As stated in a previous bulletin, we are not here to rubber stamp bad Company decisions. In the event our concerns are not addressed or pertinent questions are not answered, we will have no other alternative but to pull out of this process and look at a different way to deal with the situation.

The Union will keep the membership up to date if there are any new developments.