June 2011 Job Postings - Dept 847 Displaced Employees

Process for permanent placement of 847 displaced Employees

Who can apply: All fully time hourly employees. Displaced 847 employees that have not been permanently placed will have “super seniority” for these specific requisitions.

Date of Posting: 15 June 2011

Closing Date: 29 June 2011 at 11:59 PM

The following unionized positions are vacant and applications are now being accepted until midnight on the above closing date:

Closing Date Requisition Job Title Job Code Job Class Org Dept. Shift Supervisor
June 29, 2011 SS 2011-018 Senior Cell Operator 114940 24 10 840 34D Kevin Heske

To apply for a position please do the following:

a) Print the attached job application form and mail to #272K or email to ralph.reschke@riotinto.com

Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

  1. Applicable approved requisitions will be posted every 2 weeks on the hourly job posting board.
  • E-Rooom
  • CAW Website
    1. Posting remains open for 14 days
    2. Employees interested in vacancies can submit application by internal mail or electronically
    3. Applications received are sorted by seniority for each open position after closing date. Keeping in mind 847 displaced employees who have not yet accepted a full time position will take precedence.
    4. Candidates will be contacted in order of highest seniority per job posting
    5. Employees will have 48 hours to reply to the Human Resource representative. Failure to reply will mean moving on to next candidate.
    6. If employee replies YES
  • Communicate to areas and schedule movement date
    1. If employee replies NO
  • Contact next candidate by seniority

  • If there is no applicant to fill the positions, the displaced 847 employee with the lowest seniority will be placed into that posting.


    Successful candidates must remain in the accepted job for six(6) months minimum before eligible to apply for a new job.

    MEDICAL RESTRICTIONS: Prior to applying for a posting, if you have current medical restrictions please ensure you have confirmation from your family physician that your restrictions will not impact on your ability to perform the duties required. For a full description of these duties please contact CAW Local #2301.

    Full-time employees on approved leave or absent due to injury/illness are eligible to apply for vacancies.