Gangleader Duties Unilaterally Expanded by the Company


Gangleader Duties Unilaterally Expanded by the Company

It has come to the Union’s attention that the company is unilaterally trying to expand the duties of gangleaders in different areas of the plant. The Union believes that Appendix I is very clear on the matter in regards to what role the gangleaders play in a department. What the company has done is put their own spin or interpretation on it giving the gangleader administrative duties which is not part of their job.

The duties in APP I are as follows:


An hourly paid employee shall, while acting in the position of Gangleader over a group of employees, be paid a new hourly wage rate, which shall be their regular basic hourly wage rate or the basic hourly wage rate* of the highest paid employee under them (but not including Gangleader’s pay), whichever is the greater, plus an additional of seven percent (7%) of such basic hourly wage rate.

In addition to being a working member of the bargaining unit, the role of a Gangleader shall be to relieve the Supervisor of non-administrative routine work such as

(a) Ensuring flow and consistency of normal work routine.

(b) Directing the work of employees assigned to the crew, within a general framework as outlined by the Supervisor.

(c) Liaison with other departments.

(d) Provide training to employees with respect to their job duties.

(e) Other duties as may be jointly agreed upon by the Company and Union. The Company will supply the Union, on a quarterly basis, a list of all gangleaders in the Kitimat/Kemano Plant, identifying whether they are in a live filed or temporary gangleader position.

Where it can be demonstrated an employee has worked as a Gangleader, in excess of 1400 hours in each year, for two consecutive years, the employee, except when replacing a temporary absence, will be live-filed as Gangleader. Furthermore, the parties continue to recognize the Company’s right to determine whether a Gangleader is required.

As you can see in the language under (b) – (e) any other duties are “as jointly agreed upon by the Company and Union”.

To expand on the duties, the Company would have to sit down with the Union and get an agreement on additional duties with the Union for them to be implemented. To date, the company has not done this, so these additional administrative duties are not valid.

In addition to that the company just had an opportunity in 2012 Negotiations to raise this if they wanted to change the duties and they didn’t do that either.

This is being challenged in the Grievance Procedure as it is the Union’s opinion the additional duties are not required to be performed by our Union Gangleaders.

The direction the Union is giving to all Gangleaders is that administrative duties are not part of your job so do not volunteer to do this type of work.

If directly ordered to perform any of these administrative duties, each and every duty, then comply, notify the Grievance Committee and immediately get one of our Shop Stewards to put in a grievance on your behalf.

The Union will keep you updated.

Issued by CAW Local 2301

February 4, 2013