CAW Blasts B.C. Liberal Labour Minister Black and Skeena Liberal Candidate van Dyk during Kitimat visit

Local elected CAW leadership from both the CAW Rio Tinto Alcan local and the CAW District of Kitimat local met with British Columbia Labour Minister Iain Black and Skeena Liberal candidate Donny van Dyk this week.

During this meeting, CAW reps outlined their dissatisfaction about the Gordon Campbell Liberal track record in the Northwest.

“We requested meetings with the Provincial Government when they were involved in discussions surrounding the BC Hydro and Alcan power sales agreements,” said CAW 2301 President Rick Belmont.

“We wrote letters and sent emails to Gordon Campbell requesting the Government hear our members legitimate concerns, but we were ignored. Now to come around looking for support at election time is astonishing, and a little late now,” added Belmont.

At the meeting the Union also raised its concern about the unfairness of the Liberal government’s changes to WCB that eliminated lifetime pensions and dramatically decreased workers’ loss of earning pensions, and their resistance to raising the minimum wage from $8 to $10 per hour, despite wide spread public support.

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