The membership of CAW 2301 conducted Elections on May 2nd & 8th, 2012 for Executive Board positions, ORG Chief Area OHS&E Rep and CAW Convention Delegates. As a result, the following have been declared elected by the CAW 2301 Elections Committee for the 2012 to 2015 three-year term:

President – Rick Belmont

Business Agent – Martin McIlwrath

Recording Secretary – Sean O’Driscoll

Guide – Ron Fossl

Union Safety Rep – Mike Schmidt

Elected by acclamation are:

Vice President – Jose Pires

Financial Secretary – Chris Melo

Sergeant-at-Arms – Gord Klassen & Lucas Oke

Trustees - Jose Da Silva & Karen Jonkman & Cliff Madsen

The four (4) CAW Constitutional Convention Delegates as per the membership’s votes are:

Ed Abreu, Marty McIlwrath, Chris Melo & Sean O’Driscoll

Alternate is: Cliff Madsen

The ORG Chief Area OHS&E Rep for:

ORG 12 – Ron Fossl

Elected by acclamation are:

ORG 6 – Sean O’Driscoll

ORG 10 – Jim Peers

ORG 20 (Kemano) – David Melanson

ORG 20 (Kitimat) – Dan Nieckarz

Thank you to all of the Candidates who put their names forward for all of these positions.

Issued by CAW Local 2301

May 9, 2012