Bulletin Re: Pension Reports & PBC


Bulletin Re: Pension Reports & PBC

Happy New Year to all our Union Brothers and Sisters from your Union Executive.

The purpose of this bulletin is to request information from you the members in regards to our negotiated benefits (i.e. Pension Reports and Blue Cross).

1) Pension Reports: We have had a number of calls at the office as per the accuracy and proper listing of the beneficiaries on the Annual Report. If you have any concerns on your “Annual Pension Report” it would be helpful if you would contact the Union Hall and drop the paperwork off at the Hall identifying your concerns.

2) Pacific Blue Cross: In the last quarter of 2012 the Union Hall has had to address an unusual number of benefit coverage refusals to our members from Pacific Blue Cross. (mostly medical travel). The Union is requesting that if you have had any problems with denial of Medical Travel Coverage or any other negotiated benefits administered by Pacific Blue Cross; drop the paperwork and your concerns off at the Union Hall.

The Union will be calling for “Special Meetings” with these carriers to address these problems so it is imperative that you get your information into the Union Hall as soon as possible.

Issued by CAW Local 2301

January 3, 2013