BC Operations Club 100


BC Operations Club 100

There have been a number of calls from our Union Brothers and Sisters on whether the Union supports/endorses the Rio Tinto Alcan “Cub 100” incentives program introduced just recently.

Historically our Local Union has been opposed to incentive programs at Kitimat/Kemano Works and for good reason. Our Union has always believed that any positive things that happen for the company (i.e. – production and profits) are as a result of the collective efforts of our membership and in turn any financial gains should be shared equally amongst the membership, not pit worker against worker in competition.

To begin with the company did not approach the Union initially to ask our opinion of this “Club 100” program but only asked for a meeting with the Union to inform us after they had already started rolling this program out. A number of our members already had the presentation before the Union was officially informed. We heard about it from our members before the company approached the Union.

This in itself is another form of a blatant show of disrespect to the Union and in our opinion an undermining or lack of recognition that the Union is the recognized bargaining agent for our membership.

Now let’s take a look at the different categories where points are awarded:

• The first two areas have 10 points for the first half of the year and 10 points for the second half of the year for perfect attendance. The company should be promoting that people should stay home if they are sick.

• Next is ten points for participating in a pilot team. The company didn’t discuss this whole “Pilot Team” concept with the Union and there has been some concerns raised at the Transition Committee meetings. The Union negotiated Union trainers and now after the fact the company has made holding a position on a pilot team part of the criteria to be a Union Trainer. There will be problems down the road if a senior Union member is not being considered for a Union Trainer position because they didn’t sit on a Pilot Team.

• Then there is the 5 points for completing a personal HSE Plan, again a plan that has never been discussed in the forum of our Joint Health and Safety Program at the KKOHS&E meetings.

• Next the Plant Golden Rules, a unilateral rule put in by the company that puts a disciplinary approach ahead of a training approach to correct safety culture. The Union doesn’t agree with that concept.

• Then we go on to the “Take 5” quotas in exchange for points in this system. The Union has not only been opposed to quotas but made it quite clear to the company at the introduction of the “Take 5” that there would be “no discipline” or “no quotas” if the Union was going to be involved.

• Next there are points allotted to participation in 5 WHY process which is contrary to the joint agreement on how problems or situations are to be investigated. In fact, there is a grievance in the system challenging the 5 WHY process.

• There are overtones of the “Company LEAN Program” which the Union has stated that we are opposed to.

The Union believes this whole “Club 100” program leans heavily toward a “Behaviour Base” concept which points the finger towards the worker when the ultimate responsibility lies with the company in providing a safe workplace. Your Union for years has adamantly opposed any Behaviour Based program and this position hasn’t changed.

So if the question is “Does Unifor Local 2301 support or endorse the ‘BC Operations Club 100/2014’ program unilaterally rolled out by Rio Tinto Alcan?” - The answer to that is clearly “NO”.

Issued by Unifor Local 2301

February 4, 2014