APP – LU-#5 Wage Rates

APP – LU-#5 Wage Rates 1. The new wage rate shall be effective, plant wide, the date formal training, related to the operation of the new technology begins or July 24th, 2010, whichever comes first. 2. Job classifications listed in Appendix I shall be revised as follows: a. Job classifications between 10 and 17 shall be moved to job class 17, (pension multiplier group 2). b. Job classification between 18 and 24 shall be moved to job class 24, (pension multiplier group 3). If employees are in a learner structure or progression system these employees job classes will be adjusted accordingly, for example: Pot replacement person currently – Job class 12 - moves to 14 (entry level rate) Job class 14 – moves to 16 (1000 hours) Job class 16 – moves to 18 (1000 hours) Job class 18 – moves to 20 (1000 hours) Job class 20 – moves to 22 (1000 hours) Job class 22 – moves to 24 (Completed progression/Learner steps). Due to the nature of the operation, all employees in the organization must progress to the classification Pot Replacement Person – Job Class 24. Job Classes within Letters of Understanding will be amended accordingly. It is the understanding of the Union there will be no reduction of wage rates. If a better explanation is needed contact the Union hall. Issued by CAW Local 2301 Job Evaluation Committee July 12th, 2010