Last week the Union was approached by the Company to go back to 2009 workforce levels to give them flexibility for production. At this time the Union group represented by all four shifts had some concerns with the Company’s proposal which included tapping during the scheduled crust breaks and metal measure.

The Union group reviewed the proposal with the Company with discussions centered around concerns the Union has with workloads and health and safety while also making some suggestions.

On Friday, April 27th, 2012 the group met again at the Company’s request to look at risk assessments. Prior to the meeting, documents surfaced that reinforced the Union’s concerns. Risk assessments can not be done until these issues have been addressed. We have notified the Company of this position and are now awaiting their response.

At no time did the Union say we are opposed to adding the 4th person in the tapping building. It has to be done safely and must not have a negative impact on our members. The issue is still ongoing and we will keep you updated as we continue to meet.

Issued by CAW Local 2301

April 30, 2012.